Design Project


Every year, ASME completes a year-long project in order for mechanical engineering students to build design and engineering skills that can be applied in the real world.

Previous projects have included designing drones and electric bikes. This year's project is to design and build electric scooters, which will be worked on throughout the year. 


"ASME projects are a fun way to get involved on campus while building technical and teamwork skills!"

Design Timeline and Updates

November 2021: Members were divided into three groups, each starting their plan to build an electric scooter.

December 2021: Groups started to create a general project plan, as well as start to list materials they may need to obtain for their project.

January 2022: Groups will meet to finalize their bill of materials 

February 2022: Groups will meet to start planning how to execute their project, and come up with a build plan.

March 2022: Groups will obtain materials, present on their progress, and begin building their electric scooters!

April 2022: Groups will finish their scooter build and race against other teams!

Project Results from Past Years

Electric Bike
bike team 1